My experience using Autowealth for the past 3 years


Having been exposed to the business world since young, I knew I wanted to start investing early. I opened an investment account in Singapore in 2018 and plucked my courage to enter whatever funds I had then... only to have a -40% loss afterwards.

A huge surprise for me: My team emerged semi-finalists out of 125+ teams nationwide after a gruelling 48 hour struggle.


I think this might be the longest article I have written on Medium, yet it is of utmost importance for me to capture and relive this experience with as much authenticity as possible. This article will be split into three parts.

  1. Background: Why did I join this competition?
  2. Our Hackathon…

Why companies lose when they provide more value than they capture

Network Effect

The network effect is a phenomenon whereby a good or service becomes more valuable when more people use it. For example, how social media platforms are more useful when your own social circles are using them. Most companies aim to leverage the network effect to generate a critical mass before…

This article posits the relevance of the gaming industry. First up, we investigate the growth of the Swedish gaming industry. More importantly, we analyse how Sweden helped to catalyse the world’s growth too.

Brief: Swedish Gaming Industry

The Swedish gaming industry has a history dating back to the 1980s. From there, one of the…

This series is part of the 30 Day Record Yourself Challenge where I will record myself speaking my target language (Cantonese) for 1 minute a day.




And here’s the Yale romanisation with the tone numbers:

Jolyn Moh

I write about technology, entrepreneurship and some other personal life advice in case the future me get to time travel.

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